Teknovatus embrace ISVs to become our partner.

As a SaaS hosting provider, your challenges are many. You need to speed time to market, minimize costs and get clients on board quickly, all while delivering enterprise-class security and performance. Meet these challenges and you'll see your revenues increase sharply and swiftly. Fail to meet them and you'll watch your competitors move out ahead.

Get on the right side of this equation and turn challenges into opportunities by choosing Teknovatus™ to deliver your SaaS infrastructure. Teknovatus™ knows how to make SaaS work for software companies. With Teknovatus™, you can rest assured that your SaaS implementation will provide:

Broader and Deeper Right-Sized Solutions. You want it? We have it. Delivering everything from colocation to network, security, managed hosting and cloud services, Teknovatus offers the complete portfolio of IT infrastructure solutions in the industry. We'll ensure the quality of your infrastructure-supporting you throughout the SaaS lifecycle-while you focus on the quality of your applications.

Enterprise-Class Performance. With Teknovatus, you can rest assured that your SaaS delivery infrastructure will provide the enterprise-class availability, scalability and performance that you require, thanks to time-tested and hardened service level agreements (SLAs).

Trusted Security. Whether it's your data or your client's data, Teknovatus knows how to protect and monitor it. With Teknovatus SaaS solutions, you can count on enterprise-class security�including data protection, identity management, vulnerability management, physical and personnel security, application security, incident response and privacy measures.